Jewellery Care


When you purchase Diamond Jewellery or other precious gems for your loved ones, it’s important to know you’re working with the best in the Diamond Jewellery business. Patiala Diamonds uses the highest quality metals to create unique, stunning works of art you can cherish for years to come.

Wearing your beloved Diamond Jewellery shouldn’t come at the expense of its long-term aesthetic. As such, in order to preserve the Patiala shine, we recommend removing your Diamond Jewellery during life’s messier endeavours. If you do happen to notice your exquisite Jewellery pieces tarnishing, here are simple tips and tricks for rejuvenating the polish that first caught your eye.

18Kt White, Yellow, and Rose Gold

 Have you ever wondered how Jewellers create so many different shades of Gold for their Rings? As it turns out, the colour of your 18Kt Gold Rings transforms when exposed to different alloys. As such, Yellow and Rose Gold Rings can be cared for in similar ways. White Gold, however, is of a brittle nature and will need to be preserved with greater care.

As such, if you notice your Gold Ring tarnishing, keep the colouring in mind while treating it at home. All three of these Gold Rings should be set aside as you wash your hands, shower, or otherwise risk the Gold’s exposure to water.

If you notice tarnishing on a Yellow or Rose Gold Ring, you can use toothpaste and a gentle toothbrush to return your Diamond Ring to its full shine. Avoid using toothpaste on White Gold Rings, however; instead, use warm water and gentle soap.

21Kt Yellow Gold

Caring for Gold Jewellery that has greater weight and purity of Gold doesn’t require anything fancy. You can easily clean your Diamond Jewellery with toothpaste and gentle pressure, so long as it’s made of either Yellow or Rose gold. White Gold will need to be cleaned with warm water and gentle soap.

We do recommend that you avoid a polishing cloth on your White Gold lacquered Jewellery. Instead, leverage a soft tissue or cotton ball to clear away tarnishing and to avoid chipping. Take care to prevent further tarnishing on your Jewellery by avoiding nail polish remover, chlorine, or perfume, and take your Ring off should it risk routine exposure to water.


If you’re more into Platinum than Gold, the care and keeping of your Diamond Jewellery will vary. Platinum requires a much gentler touch than Gold. However, you do not have to remove Platinum Rings while showering or otherwise exposing yourself to water. Instead, mild soap and warm water will clean your Diamond Rings instead of compromising its shine.


Palladium bands give off a silver hue that’s an incomparably gorgeous part of any Diamond Ring or Diamond Jewellery. If you wear a Palladium Ring, treat it more gently than a Gold or Platinum variety. Palladium is more prone to scratching. However, it also generates a natural patina - or thin layer of aesthetic streaks - that speak to the metals age and value. When cleaning your Palladium ring, either use a packaged Jewellery cleaner or warm, soapy water.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and who doesn’t want to give their best friend a little TLC? Return the shine to your Diamond Rings or Diamond necklace by soaking them in a bowl of water and mild soap. You can gently use a toothbrush to remove dirt or dust from the diamond, but do note: Toothpaste or bleach from household cleaners can damage your Diamond Jewellery.


When adding a bit of boisterous shine to your Diamond Gemstone Jewellery, Rubies are the way to go. If you notice your Rubies are growing dull over time, it’s safest to use warm water and soap to rejuvenate their aesthetic appeal. You can also use steam cleaners, which are offered as cleaning options by many local Jewellery Stores.


Blue Sapphires are just as likely to adorn Diamond Engagement Rings as any kind of Diamond. Preserving a Sapphire, however, is far different than caring for a Diamond. When cleaning your Diamond Jewellery with Sapphires attached, gently brush the Gems with a solution of warm water and soap to remove any dirt or dust. Sapphires are hearty gemstones, but they can still lose their shine if exposed to bleach or other harsh chemicals.


Emeralds offer you a gorgeous touch of forest green to carry with you forever. Due to Emeralds’ brittle nature, however, it’s key to take exceptional care when cleaning them. Avoid steam cleaning and, instead, use warm water, soap, and extremely gentle scrubbing to clear away dust or dirt your Fine Jewellery has collected.