Why Patiala Diamonds?

  • Trustworthy Brand: Since 1925 Patiala Jewellers has satisfied hundreds of thousands of customers spanning from different generations. The same families and their newer generations continue to choose us because of our commitment to general excellence in business practice and after sale service.
  • Specialists in Diamond Jewellery: Patiala Diamonds is one of the very few Jewellery Shops in Pakistan and the only one in Islamabad that deals exclusively in Diamond Jewellery. Focusing on just Diamond Jewellery allows us to stock a huge variety of Diamond Jewellery that is unmatched in its style and quality.
  • Unmatched Craftsmanship: Our Diamond Jewellery is manufactured using the latest technology in order to achieve the high standard and finesse in all our Diamond Jewellery Products. Each dazzling Diamond is hand sorted and selected for a flawless match in our finished Diamond Jewellery. Our Diamond Jewellery quality and prices are unmatched not just nationally but globally. Our customers can now purchase quality Diamond Jewellery in Pakistan with total ease of mind.
  • Our Team: Patiala Diamonds is the only company in Pakistan that has GIA Certified Gemologists and Jewellery Designers onboard to assist clients in every way. Our friendly staff members can help you by answering ¬†any of your queries or by giving you honest advice without pushing for a sale.
  • Fine Quality Precious Gemstones: We believe in using superior quality Precious Gemstones sourced from different countries including Sri Lanka, Burma, Afghanistan and Kashmir among others. This ensures only the very best quality Precious Gemstones are used; Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds are among the most beautiful colours in our Gem Palette. Coloured Gemstones have their own distinct beauty and are appreciated by the oldest and the most established cultures in the world.