Lifetime Guarantee & After Sale Service

At Patiala Diamonds, when you invest in us, we invest in you. Our Jewellery Shop offers you all of the care you and your jewellery require. Every purchase with Patiala Diamonds comes with a lifetime guarantee and a certification of authenticity for all of our Diamond Jewellery products. This delivers peace of mind that your Diamond is among the best in the world.

Purchasing Diamond Jewellery or other gemstones through Patiala Diamonds also gives you access to:

  • Free Lifetime Resizing Of Diamond Rings. (Subject To Design)
  • Free Lifetime Jewellery Polishes & Repairs.
  • Free Lifetime Servicing Of Any Of Your Previous Purchases.

Purchasing your Fine Jewellery with Patiala Diamonds is more than just a one-time transaction. It sets you up for a lifelong relationship with one of the best Jewellery Shops In Pakistan.