Q: Are all the Diamonds used in Diamond Jewellery Real?

A: Yes, Patiala Diamonds uses only real and high quality Diamonds in Jewellery.

Q: If my Diamond Jewellery gets worn out will you polish it for free?

A: We offer free lifetime polish and repairs to all our customers.

Q: Why is your Diamond Jewellery made in 18 Kt Gold?

A: Diamond Jewellery worldwide is made in 18 Kt Gold because of its optimum strength. This helps the metal grip Diamonds securely ensuring that your precious Diamonds will stay in place. Diamond Jewellery set in 21 Kt Gold has high chances of its Diamonds falling out due to the softness of the Gold.

Q: Can Patiala Diamonds create bespoke Diamond Jewellery Pieces according to my taste?

A: Most Certainly, you can book an appointment with one of our Certified Jewellery Designers who will be more than glad to walk you through your design and give an accurate estimate of price and delivery time of your bespoke Diamond Jewel.

Q: What metal does Patiala Diamonds use for its Diamond Jewellery?

A: We use only the best metals in the world including Platinum, Palladium & 18 Kt Gold (White, Yellow & Rose).

Q: Do you offer free Diamond Ring resizing?

A: Yes, all our Diamond Rings come with a free lifetime Ring size policy. However, there are some Diamond Rings that can not be resized due to the complexity of the design. You can check with one of Patiala Diamonds sales associate before purchasing a ring to know if that particular Diamond Ring can be resized.  

Q: How long does it take for a Diamond Ring to be resized?

A: Our average time for a ring resize job is 3-5 days.

Q: Does your Diamond Jewellery come with any certification?

A: Yes, all our products come with a Diamond Certificate.

Q: How many branches does Patiala Diamonds have?

A: We have 3 other branches in Pakistan that sell Gold Jewellery.

Q: Where do your Diamonds come from?

A: Our Diamonds are purchased from the very best Diamond mines in the world.

 Q: What are your opening hours?

A: Our are regular hours are Monday - Thursday 11am - 8pm, Friday 3pm - 8pm. We are closed on Saturdays & Sundays.